Collective Noun Picture Books — Part Two

Today’s collective noun book you need to know about is Sarah Asper-Smith’s Have You Ever Seen a Smack of Jellyfish?

The illustrations in this book are wonderfully simple and stylish. The black silhouettes of animals against bright backgrounds are ever so pleasing to the eye, and the color palette in this book is gorgeous. You can see what I mean when you take a gander at the book’s illustrations below. The book contains collective nouns that are not common knowledge, and several that are different than what are in the book I mentioned yesterday.

I can see this book being fun for kids early on, when they are interested in the colors and learning animal names and the alphabet. Then as they get older, they’ll love learning the collective nouns and asking their siblings or friends if they know what a group of crows is called. And I’m no scientist, but exposing kids to books like this has to play a role in developing their appreciation for art and graphic design.

The author/illustrator also has some cool items with images from the book for sale. Find apparel and stationary at Lucid Reverie Storefront. Find prints from the book here and lots of other fun things at her Etsy shop.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Asper-Smith.