Bugs by the Numbers

A picture book about numbers can be cool, and Bugs by the Numbers proves it.  Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss, who are  graphic designers at Werner Design Werks, Inc. , wrote and illustrated this book. Each spread contains a bug that is made up of a particular number that corresponds to a fact about the bug–e.g., the fly is comprised of differently-sized number 6s because it has six feet.  You’ll also find a handful of interesting tidbits about each bug on every spread as well.

The minimal backgrounds and typographically-created bugs combined with a plethora of interesting bug trivia make this book a great read. Bugs by the Numbers provides kids (and adults) a visual lesson in design and lots of opportunities to learn fun facts about bugs. Does anyone else think Bugs by the Numbers is the bee’s knees? Peruse some of the book’s spreads below and see what you think.