It ain’t easy being (in the) green

Starting a business is hard work. And a lot of it. I guess it’s less that it’s hard work and more that it’s so much work. The work itself is generally pretty enjoyable (unless you’re trying to figure out how to fill out an LLC setup form or something — a task my brave Lookio partner took on), but the laundry list of to-dos seems to grow by the hour.

Since roughly July of last year I’ve been thinking about, dreaming about, and working on Lookio Books. Much (read: the majority) of my free time has been spent doing something related to this project. Now we’re finally looking to launch in April ’12. Through this process, I’ve developed a whole new and deep appreciation for anyone who starts any kind of business. From a small farm to a corner convenience store to a website about drawing cats to a solar panel manufacturer, and on and on. Though it is (mostly) fun, it simply ain’t easy.

Okay, full disclosure, a few weeks back after seeing Steve on ABC’s Shark Tank, we we ordered a cat drawing from I Want to Draw a Cat For You. The resulting drawing is the image in this post, and you can read  the details on what we requested here. Maybe in a future post I’ll explain why we asked for this bizarre scene.