Science Prints from Brainstorm Print & Design

At Lookio Books, we’re all for exposing kids to great design early, whether it’s book illustrations, a toy they play with, or hanging on a wall. Along with teaching them to appreciate an interesting visual aesthetic, we love it when a piece of art helps them learn a thing or two as well. That’s why we were excited to find these Atmosphere, Earth, and Ocean prints from Brainstorm Print & Design.

The lovely color palettes and simple design make them instantly attractive. If you do look at these prints with a little one, you’ll have a built in cheat sheet in the lower right-hand corner of the print telling you the name of each layer.  And to make it even easier for you, the names are color coded to match each layer. In the Atmosphere and Ocean prints,  small illustrations give clues about what happens within the layers. These prints make understanding the basics about the atmosphere, earth, and ocean easy. And they’ll look pretty cool hanging on your wall too.