Pantone Colors Board Book

Pantone released a colors board book earlier this month. Pantone: Colors introduces kids to nine basic colors and 20  shades of each. Do you know a child obsessed with the color red? This book will have them identifying all kinds of red: ketchup red, stop sign red, pepperoni red, or any of the 17 other shades of red presented in this book. Know a child obsessed with a different color? Don’t worry, it’s probably covered in this book.

Pantone: Colors isn’t just another pretty children’s book. Yes, it is beautifully laid out and wonderfully bright, but with an adult’s guidance, it can also be a great learning tool for a young child. This book could be a great source for playing all sorts of colors games: “I spy with my little eye something that is peacock blue.” And it could also lead to more opportunities to expand a kid’s vocabulary: “What’s a sapphire, daddy?”

Get a little one enjoying more of the colors life has to offer with this book. You’ll probably enjoying paging through this book as well.