Tomi Ungerer’s Moon Man

I can’t put my finger on what it is about Tomi Ungerer’s Moon Man (originally published in 1967), but it somehow feels vintage and new at the same time. It also feels kind of creepy, lively,  and captivating too.

To sum up the story for you, the Moon Man longs to join the people on Earth dancing the night away, so he hitches a ride on a comet to join in the fun. Unfortunately, when he lands, people are not so welcoming, and he’s imprisoned.  But don’t cry for him yet because the Moon Man manages to escape and finally enjoys a night of dancing at a garden party. Once his fun ends, he stumbles upon the perfect person to get him back home to the moon.

Tomi Ungerer’s storytelling, wit, and illustrations make Moon Man a thought provoking, enchanting, and just plain delightful read. A few spreads from the book are below.