The Lookio Books Kickstarter Campaign Has Launched

We finally launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a high-quality printer and book binding equipment.  A nervous excitement is in the air now that we’ve started spreading the word to all our family and friends.  We are so close to realizing our dream of creating customizable children’s books, and if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, we’ll be in business. Literally.

We’re not big fans of asking for help, so sending out emails and posting on social media sites to let people know that we are raising funds is taking us out of our comfort zone a bit.  We feel awkward and sheepish about it, but gosh darn it all to heck, we’re going to do it anyway to get Lookio Books off the ground.

It would be remiss if we did not thank all the people who are helping us spread the word and those who have already backed us on Kickstarter. A million thank yous would not express how truly grateful we are for your support.

And by the way, if you haven’t donated to our Kickstarter campaign, you can do so here. We’ve got lots of fun rewards starting at only $2.00! (Apparently I’m getting more comfortable asking for help, huh?)