The Creation of LookioBot as a Plush Softie

One of our Kickstarter rewards at the $220 or more level is a hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind LookioBot stuffed plush doll/toy (aka a softie).  Honestly, we did not really think we would have backers at this level, and we were shocked, humbled, and grateful to see that we did. And having those backers meant we had to figure out how to get a hand-sewn LookioBot made. We aren’t crafty with a needle and thread, so we knew we’d need help.

After searching several sites, we were lucky to find Kathy with Stuffed Scribbles. She usually works on creating softies from children’s drawings–you could send her a picture a little one drew of an elephant, and she could recreate the drawing as a super-cool plush elephant softie. You should check out her gallery to see some of her great work.

So we sent Kathy a picture of LookioBot. She said she could help, and she had lots of creative ideas on how she would make it. We were excited because we could tell we were in good hands! She sent us the drawing below to show us how LookioBot would be made and the materials she would use.

Stay tuned to see how the LookioBot softie turned out. We think it’s a job well done.