Lookio Books Update – It’s the Final Countdown!!

Now you’ve got that Europe song stuck in your head, right? You’re welcome!

We wanted to give a quick update on where things are at with the launch of Lookio Books. First off – we are crazy-excited!! A year’s worth of blood, sweat, and tears is just days from coming to fruition. Thanks to the generosity of all our amazing Kickstarter backers, we purchased the last pieces of equipment we needed to begin making books. Since then we have been very busy testing, tweaking, and setting things up. A few prototype Lookio books have been printed and bound and we couldn’t be happier with how they are looking. We can’t wait to start getting them out into the world.

The last piece of the puzzle is the Lookio website. If you’ve ever been involved with building a website — and especially one with fairly complex technology involved — these things always take longer than you think they will. But we are very close to being ready to launch. The technology for building the custom character, previewing your book, and placing your order is all up and running. We are just conducting some testing and putting the finishing touches on a few other parts of the site. Despite the fact that we seem to get burned every time we announce a release date, we’re confident that we’re around a week from launching. For those Kickstarter backers waiting for our launch so you can claim your books, we ask you to hang in there a bit longer – we are so close! Thanks for the patience. (By the way, if you were a Kickstarter backer and want to read the “nice things” we wrote about you as part of your reward, you can read them all here.)

Lastly, a few weeks ago we posted a sneak peak at our first Lookio book. We wanted to give you a glimpse at the second Lookio book. This story is about all the things a kid can be when he or she grows up. It’s a “Photo book”, which means you’ll upload an image of a kid and use our tools to crop around the face. That face will be placed on the character in the story (along with the kid’s name and some other custom elements). How ’bout we show you? Hope you dig these spreads! You’ll be able to preview the full book once the site is live. Check it out…