Joyce Wan’s Scrumdiddlyumptious Board Books

Both of Joyce Wan’s latest board books are playful, candy-colored masterpieces in all things adorable. You Are My Cupcake will enlighten kids about  the art of using food metaphors as terms of endearments–“You are my cupcake, my sticky little gumdrop…my honey-roasted peanut.” We Belong Together  uses cute similes to describe the bond between parent and child–“We belong together like smitten little mittens, like peanut butter and jelly,” et cetera. They are the perfect books to read to small children because the text and illustrations are simple and vibrant.

And a here’s a bit of trivia about the author/illustrator, Joyce Wan. When she was in grade school, she entered a city-wide greeting card design contest that was sponsored by the Art Institute of Boston, and her design won first place. It seems that experience led her to start her own illustration and design studio. Pretty cool, huh? If you like her work, visit her website, where you’ll find all kinds of fun cards, posters, tote bags, and more.

From You Are My Cupcake

From We Belong Together