The Onion’s Great Escape

The Onion’s Great Escape by Sara Fanelli is cool as all get out. It’s not just a book about an onion’s attempt to free itself from its fate to be fried. It’s also an interactive, philosophical work of art for kids. It’s complicated to explain, but the book’s description says it’s an “activity book [that] asks young readers to help the onion break free by answering thought-provoking questions and completing the activities within, finally pressing a three-dimensional character right out of the pages.” As each page is turned, the reader can tear out a perforated  “layer” on each page from the center of the book, until a super-cool paper onion emerges.  The onion is literally freed. Genius!

I may not have done the world’s best job of describing the concept, so watch the video below for a better explanation. You’ll see that The Onion’s Great Escape is an original, interactive piece of children’s literature. After seeing this book, we can’t wait to delve deeper into Sarah Fanelli‘s other books.