It’s ALIVE!! … Some thoughts on “commencement” and some thank yous

Lookio customizable children's books

A couple days ago we officially launched Lookio Books and Wow, what a journey.

Way back in high school I remember being confused about the word “commencement.” In relation to the ceremony at the end of senior year, I initially thought the word meant “the end.” It seemed to make sense–high school was ending and we were moving on. It was a while before I realized it actually meant “the beginning.” “Commencement” was obviously meant to signify that it’s not the end of something, but the start of everything else.

Our launch reminds me of this confusion I once felt. We’ve been toiling over Lookio, day in and day out, for well over a year. At first, the launch felt like an end–the end of a long, often treacherous road with many obstacles, some of which felt insurmountable at times. (I’m thinking of Sisyphus who was consigned to push a boulder up and down a hill for eternity.) The elation that was supposed to accompany the launch was a bit muted by the exhaustion Christine and I felt as we finally crossed the finish line, just about spent. I think we just needed a good night’s sleep and some perspective.

It wasn’t until tonight, about 36 hours after the launch, when we started to fulfill our first orders and make our first books, that the commencement really started to feel like a beginning. The emotions finally shifted from exhaustion to real, tangible excitement about what’s to come.

Lookio is very much in its infancy. We are starting small, but our hopes for the business are just the opposite. We can’t wait to keep growing, keep adding new books, keep finding ways to get better, keep improving our site, and keep thinking of new products that parents and gift-givers might want to give to little ones. So please stay tuned as we grow–via our newsletter, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

We have to extend heartfelt “thanks” to Chris Halverson ( for amazing design work, Jake Elliott for stunning web development (, the fantastic artists we’ve used to date (Sarah Sisterson, Pat Bradley, and Shawn Finley (whose book we haven’t launched yet but will soon)), and all the super-generous friends and family who supported us on Kickstarter. We also have to thank everyone who gave us ideas, shared expertise, and offered tons of encouragement. There’s no way we’d have been able to do this without all of you.

With that, please check out It’s open for business, or just general perusal. Feedback is always welcome —

Much, much love,
-Shawn and Christine