Want to Apply to Monsters University?

Okay, I admit this post is not exactly about children’s books. But it’s about something super cool for kids (and adults) so I figured, eh, close enough.
At Lookio Books we are huge Pixar fans. They have made some of the most groundbreaking movies of the past few decades. And they’ve done it with an amazing amount of humor, heart, and creativity. They’ve always got a trick up their sleeve.
In 2008, Pixar released the critically acclaimed WALL-E. If you’ve seen WALL-E, you may or may not remember “Buy N Large”. Buy N Large was the corporation responsible for essentially destroying earth and sending humans off to space to live on giant ships. The genius thing that Pixar did was they created an actual fully functioning website for the corporation Buy N Large. The site was (obviously) tongue-in-cheek, but you’d be amazed at the level of depth they went to. They had elaborate descriptions of products and services, fake press releases from the company, investor information, and all kinds of things you’ve find on the website of a typical global organization. Here’s a screen shot from the Buy N Large site:
The site has since been taken down and the URL now redirects to the WALL-E site. Which is too bad–there was some amazing stuff there. But, fret not. Pixar is back with a similar idea to promote the upcoming Monsters University. Behold, the fully functioning website for Monsters University:
You’ll find information about admissions, the faculty, student life, the campus, even information about application acceptance. If you’re looking for a way to waste a few hours, there are a lot less fun ways to do it.
We’re already geeked out about Monsters University, due out in June of 2013.