Take Me Out to the Yakyu Hits it Out of the Park

Is there any other way to title a review of a book about baseball that you just love?  I had to do it.

Take Me Out To The Yakyuwritten and illustrated by Aaron Meshon, follows a boy as he goes to a baseball game in America with his Pop-Pop and a game with his Ji Ji in Japan. The book is a comparison of all things in American and Japanese baseball, including how people get to the games, what souvenirs are purchased, and what food is consumed–In America, it’s hot dogs and peanuts. In Japan, it’s edamame and soba noodles. And it’s possible to tie in Japanese baseball. Who knew?

It was genuinely fun learning all about baseball in Japan and seeing how it compares to the game I know. And the vivid, witty illustrations tie it all together, making this book one of our 2013 favorites.

Watch the trailer below to see how completely charming this book is.

Looking forward to reading Meshon’s next book, Tools Rule, which is due out in spring 2014.