Lookio Books Update

Last night we sent out the following letter to our Kickstarter backers. We’re posting it here too, so all who have supported us can read what’s happened. Thank you to all who purchased our books! We loved making them for you.

We are very, very sad to share the news that Lookio is longer able to make books and we must close our doors. We had a great run and truly enjoyed the last three years working on this project. Just to share the full story if you’re interested, here’s what happened:

Last October/November Lookio was starting to gather some nice steam and we were excited that orders were coming in at a steady clip. It felt like all the hard work was starting to pay off and we were excited about what the future held. In fact, we even invested a good deal of time and money in website improvements and were working on a few new book titles to offer.

We began running low on the special hardcovers that we use, so we placed an order with our supplier for more. All our momentum skidded to a halt when our supplier told us they were having difficulties with their manufacturing equipment and couldn’t get us covers. In December we ended up having to refund a bunch of orders because we had no covers — we felt absolutely terrible for disappointing people who were counting on holiday gifts.

Our supplier promised they would get us more covers within a few weeks once their equipment was running again. Well, six months (and countless phone calls and emails) later they have still not been able to provide the covers we need to make our books.

We’ve looked into every other possible solution — hardcover options from other suppliers, creating our own covers, even soft covers. But no alternative proved to be cost- or time-effective. Unfortunately we can’t keep Lookio going if we can’t make and sell our books.

We’re beyond bummed. But that said, we’re also beyond grateful. While this chapter is ending, we needed to take another moment to say that we couldn’t have done this without you. Your support made it possible for us to turn a dream into a business. We can’t thank you enough and wish we could continue.

If any of you backed our Kickstarter project at a level that came with a Lookio book, but you did not yet have a chance to order it, we are happy to offer you a refund. We only ask that you request it by June 30, 2014 so that we can officially get the business side of things wrapped up by then.

Lookio was very hard work, but it was an absolute blast too. We learned a TON throughout the last three years, and we plan to put that learning to good use in whatever experiences come next.

A sincere and enormous thank you to each and every one of you.

Shawn and Christine