Stephen Colbert’s I Am A Pole Released Today

Like many children’s book fans, we were sad to hear about Maurice Sendak passing today. I contemplated not posting this entry in light of the news, but I suspect he would be all right with the world talking about a new book that came out today. After all, it’s a book he called “terribly ordinary.” And he also said, “The sad thing is, I like it.” Yes, it’s Stephen Colbert’s I Am a Pole (And So Can You)

Though the cover seems innocent enough, the book is meant for an adult audience. Colbert says I Am a Pole “is the inspirational story of a pole, trying to find its place in the world.” But be warned that one of the poles the pole contemplates becoming is not for children.

Is that really a big surprise coming from a Stephen Colbert picture book? No. But Maurice Sendak seemed to like it, and I trust his taste in books.