I Must Have Bobo – A Fun Look at Not Sharing

I Must Have Bobo, written by Eileen Rosenthal and illustrated by Marc Rosenthal, explores the complex relationship between a boy, his cat, and his toy monkey. Sounds intriguing, no?

Willy wakes up one day, and he can’t find his toy monkey, Bobo. Then he discovers that his cat, Earl, wants Bobo all to himself. Willy takes Bobo back, but Earl is always nearby, waiting for the perfect opportunity to reunite with Bobo. The simple illustrations (see some below) are expressive and create the humorous backdrop of this book.

Some may think this book may not be good for children because Willy is a bit, um, difficult, for most of the book. But instead of keeping this book from a child for fear he or she may mimic Willy, why not use it as a tool for talking to a child about behavior? Maybe asking a child for ideas on how Willy could have better handled some of the situations in the book would be a worthwhile discussion. Sharing can be torture for kids sometimes, and though Willy seems a little selfish, he is just a kid. I Must Have Bobo could serve as a guide for talking to kids about the frustrating emotions they feel.

Oh, yeah, this book is fun and it can just be read simply because it’s an enjoyable read. Don’t forget that part either.

On a side note, we are excited to hear that a follow up book, I’ll Save You Bobo, was just published on April 3 this year. We must get a copy of that book!